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I recently enjoyed the opportunity to work with another beautiful family. Jenna, Matt and Halle were so easy to work with. I'm not sure I have ever photographed such an easy going baby (including my own). Lafayette Square is always one of my favorite places to shoot, and with the nice weather and fall colors it was perfect. Please take a moment to view photos from their session.

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Amber and Brian's Engagement Session

Amber and Brian | Salem-Baum Church Engagement Session by Jon Saucier Photography

Initially, Amber contacted me the same way many potential clients do, by email. She asked many of the sames types of questions as my previous clients would as well. And although her questions were much more detailed and thoughtful than I normally received, I was just excited to work with someone who knew exactly what she wanted.

As we proceeded to get to know each other vie email, she started explaining her and Brian's affinity for things such as Harry Potter, Battlestar Galactica and Gandalf the Great (and their action figures) to name a few. They then expressed the need to bring swords, wands and books to the engagement shoot and that's when I started to get a little nervous. I usually have no trouble building rapport with any of my clients and have diverse interests as well, but I was worried that my extensive knowledge about Harry Potter wasn't enough for them...what if they didn't accept me as one of their own?

We met at the fantastic Salem-Baum Church for our shoot. It is more of a ruin than a church, but a perfect place for a session nonetheless. Amber and Brian couldn't have been more fun and relaxed. Their love for each other came easily and of course it showed in all the photos. It was also a lot of fun working with all of their props as well. Even their wands held a little magic as you can see in the photo.

I look forward to their wedding next year and know that it's going to be a magical experience! Please take a moment to enjoy some of my favorites from their session.

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Kate and Damir's Engagement Session

Kate and Damir | Suson Park Engagement Session by Jon Saucier Photography

I would like to introduce you this lovely and very much in love couple, Kate and Damir. I recently shot their engagement session at Suson Park. This was my first time shooting a session at this park and what an amazing park it was. There was a diversity of backdrops to photograph them in and as you can tell from the session.

Kate and Damir are such a beautiful, carefree couple (my favorite type of clients). Although it turned out to be a fairly hot day, they were both happy to shoot as long as I wanted to. Of course I had to take advantage of every corner of this fantastic park.

I look forward to being part of their wedding next year. I'm sure their families and friends will be just as fun to be around as they were. Cheers to this great couple! Please take a moment to check out the the photos from this session.







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Tom and Angie's Wedding

Tom and Angie | St. James the Greater Wedding by Jon Saucier Photography

This wedding was so beautiful, from Angie being such a gorgeous bride to the stunning church that is St. James the Greater. Angie and Tom were a great couple to work with, as were their wedding party and family. I spent the majority of the morning with her while she got ready. I loved watching her interact with her mom and sister; you can tell how great their relationship is.

St. James the Greater in Dog Town is a very pretty church and a perfect place for a wedding. Angie was beautiful as she walked down the aisle with her father and Tom was glowing as she approached him. They chose Forest Park for their portraits. It was my first time taking photos on the Turtle Park side, but who doesn't love giant turtles. We ended by the Great Basin. It was a wonderful spot to end our afternoon.

Their reception was a blast. All of their guests were friendly and fun. I typically don't see so many people on the dance floor as I did at this reception. I want to thank Angie and Tom for choosing me as their photographer.

Please take a moment to view some of my favorite shots of their wedding.




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Ginger McClain's Family Photos Ginger's Family Photos | The Pour Vineyard by Jon Saucier Photography

I recently spent a beautiful fall afternoon with Ginger, her daughters and their families. If they all look familiar, it's cause I have had the pleasure of doing multiple family sessions with each family and adore them all. For this occasion, we met at The Pour Vineyard in their hometown of Red Bud, Illinois. It reminded me of my hometown in many ways. The Pour Vineyard is a really amazing little winery and I look forward to more sessions out there.

Please take a moment to view a sampling of their session.


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Delaney's Senior Photos

Delaney's Senior Photos | Shaw Nature Reserve by Jon Saucier Photography

Shaw Nature Reserve made for a perfect fall backdrop for Delaney's senior photos. I got to spend the afternoon with Delaney's lovely family; they were all as nice as can be. Her dad was even nice enough to hold my light stand for the majority of the shoot. I think you can see in Delaney's photos what a beautiful, genuine person she is. I can tell that she has a bright future ahead of her.

Please enjoy a sampling of her session.



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Staufenbiel Family Photos Staufenbiel Family | Tower Grove Park by Jon Saucier Photography

I really enjoyed working with the Staufenbiel family. Raymond was as cute as it gets and in a great mood the entire shoot. I wish we got a bit more color out of the trees in Tower Grove Park, but it's a beautiful place anytime of the year. It is also becoming one of my favorite places to shoot. Please view a sampling of their session below.

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Lauryn's Senior Portraits

Lauryn | Bee Tree Park by Jon Saucier Photography

If you haven't been to Bee Tree Park in South County you should. It is such a great little park, located right off the Mississippi River. I knew Bee Tree Park would be a perfect setting for Lauryn's fall senior portraits. This park has it all: stunning views of the river, an old mansion, a big wooded field and a large red barn. What more could you ask for.

Lauryn is a very photogenic girl, so getting fantastic shots of her was easy. She had a great smile and chose perfect fall outfits for the day.

I want to wish her all the luck as she goes off to play soccer at Morehead State University, located in Kentucky--one of my favorite places to rock climb.

Please take a few minutes to view a sampling of her session.

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Maddie's Senior Portraits

Maddie | Faust Park by Jon Saucier Photography

I was absolutely honored that Maddie chose me to do her senior portraits! Maddie is an intelligent, beautiful young lady! She has a natural and genuine beauty that shines from the inside-out, just like her mom--my good friend Pam. I had a blast hanging out with them for the afternoon.

Please enjoy a sampling of her session.

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Lauren and Bryan's Engagement Session

Lauren and Bryan | Tower Grove Park by Jon Saucier Photography

I want to introduce everyone to my newest wedding clients Lauren and Bryan, two very outstanding people. I can really see their love for each other in their photos, which makes me that much more excited about their wedding.

I knew I would get along with them perfectly from the moment we met. We met at Starbucks, like I do with many clients (who doesn't like a nice pumpkin spice latte). They were both relaxed, fun loving and very excited about the next steps they were taking in their life.

Please enjoy a sampling of their session.

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Whitworth Family Photos

Jason, Jill and Maddie | Botanical Gardens by Jon Saucier Photography

The Whitworths are one of my favorite little families. They have been doing their portraits with me since I started my business and I am forever grateful. Their daughter Maddie is adorable and full of energy. They wanted to do a shoot at Botanical Gardens, one of my favorite places! I think we ended up getting some great shots that really show her fun little personality.

Please enjoy a sampling of their photos.


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Luther Family Photos

Sarah, Lily and Madeline | Botanical Gardens by Jon Saucier Photography

Botanical Gardens is still in full bloom, but you can tell that fall is right around the corner. During my shoot with Sarah and her sweet little girls the air was crisp and the trees had started to change color, just slightly.

Sarah's little girls, Lily and Madeline are adorable and have big personalities. I have been photographing Sarah and her family for a few years now and it is always a delightful experience. It's so fun to watch them grow up through the photos I get to take. Please enjoy a sampling of their family session.


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Shah Family Photos

Julia, Nicole and Elizabeth | Faust Park Family Photos by Jon Saucier Photography

Faust park is such a beautiful place for family photos. The biggest problem with the park is that it is always busy. On the day of our shoot the temperature was in the 70s and the park was very crowded. I turned in to the park and saw a small road going around the back, so I thought I would explore. As I rounded the turn, I was blown away by the beauty of the area and surprised by how quiet it was. There was a big white house and large sun swept fields. I couldn't have asked for a better place to shoot. 

Julia has such a nice little family. Her little one Elizabeth reminded me of my daughter Lydia, with all her expressions and I found it impossible to take bad photos of her older daughter Nicole. Shooting her reminded me of a senior shoot. It was a pleasure working with them and I had a great time. Please enjoy a sampling of their family photos. 



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Ella's Newborn Shoot

Jake, Colleen and Ella

I have known Jake and Colleen before they knew each other and have always thought the world of both of them. When they started dating I knew they would be great together. I was super excited they chose me to do Ella's first professional photography session. Everyone was understanding and patient as we got the props set up for the shoot (Ella may have been less understanding). Newborn sessions always need lots of time and patience. The photo shoot went off without a hitch (which means I/props didn't get pooped on)! I want to thank Jake and Colleen for inviting me into their home. I think we really got some great shots and I'm happy to show them off. Enjoy!




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Devon and Dane's Fantastic Wedding

Devon and Dane | Tower Grove Park Wedding by Jon Saucier Photography

I didn't have the opportunity to actually meet Devon and Dane before their wedding, so I was a bit nervous driving to the salon that morning. Luckily, all my tensions were set aside the moment I saw Devon's smiling face. I couldn't have asked for a more welcoming, thoughtful couple to photograph that day. After shooting the "getting ready" photos, I knew that the rest of the day would be great! I met Dane during the "first look" session. I could tell that this guy was in love!!! The connection that he and Devon shared was indescribable and you can see it in all of their photos that day. Their personalities complemented each other perfectly and I found it impossible to not be able to take amazing photos of them. They chose to get married at the Ruins in Tower Grove Park. It was a magnificent backdrop for a perfect day. I want to thank them for letting me participate in their special event and making me feel like a part of the family!

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